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Politics and the Creative Imagination 5

Ellsworth—a lawyer, jurist, and politician; a key figure in the Philadelphia convention; one of the first to formulate the principle of judicial review of legislation, hence the juridical enforcement of a written constitution. As a senator, he drafted the great Judiciary Act of 1789, which created the federal court system, and he devised the first set of Senate rules and ... Read More »

Politics and the Creative Imagination 4

In its exterior appearance Newby Hall is not of a different scale from Byrd’s Westover, but once within the house one begins to see the differences. The entrance hall, with its marbled floor, is spacious, its furnishings, which include a handsome chamber organ, solid and elegandy constructed. The staircase is broad and graceful, and the Tapestry Room is different from ... Read More »

Politics and the Creative Imagination 3

There were other isolated bookmen and old-fashioned virtuosi— the learned Pennsylvania Quaker James Logan, for example, more successful and consequential a scholar and scientist than Byrd—who were similarly remote from the metropolitan culture, similarly depen¬dent on echoes from abroad. And later, in the pre-Revolutionary years, there would be an outpouring of belles lettres in the North American towns and cities—a ... Read More »

Politics and the Creative Imagination 2

Were individual rights to be protected against the state? Who could define them? Conscience was declared to be free. But was not religion, and specifically Christianity, the ultimate source of morality and probity and hence of justice and fairness? So should Christianity not be enforced as a matter of state policy? There was no end to the problems, and there ... Read More »

Politics and the Creative Imagination

For some time I have been puzzling over the sources of the cre¬ative imagination. I began close to home with an effort some years ago to probe the creative imagination among histori¬ans, but I have tried to go beyond that, to uncover some general clues to the sources of those mysterious impulses that propel the mind beyond familiar ground into ... Read More »


These studies, though written over a period of years, have a unity of purpose and a consistency of theme. They are an attempt to probe aspects of the founding of the American nation through analysis of certain uniquely important people and documents and through study of the location, the context, of the Revolutionary generation in the greater world of which ... Read More »